Karbon' is a Brussels-based cooperative that has been active since 2008. It currently brings together 20 architects and urban planners with a common approach and a high degree of complementarity. Karbon' has numerous projects and studies to its credit, testifying to the office's ability to deal with territorial, landscape, urban and architectural issues relating to various scales and contexts, as well as to multiple methods of reflection and intervention.

This knowledge of the Brussels built environment also includes the heritage dimension of architecture through various restoration and renovation projects of emblematic buildings as well as social housing complexes, revealing the office's ability to question the qualities and potential of buildings from different periods of the city's construction. At the same time, Karbon' is developing a permanent research on the environmental impact of construction, capable of carrying out an integrated architectural reflection based on a relevant choice of materials. The practice of the cooperative is resolutely committed and aims to place social values at the centre of the project. Indeed, beyond the unsurpassable horizon of energy consumption figures, Karbon' has long since extended its thinking to the environmental balance of the materials used, as well as to the consumption and obsolescence of the onboard technology. Through a series of projects in hemp-lime concrete and the construction of several pilot houses in straw, Karbon' has developed a capacity to use bio-sourced, recycled and reused materials with positive sanitary and environmental balances, such as straw, clay, hemp-lime blocks, wood, cork and cellulose.