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Renovation of Galerie Ravenstein

Bernard Baines & Géry Leloutre
Bernard Baines

The Gallery
Galerie Ravenstein, which is today co-owned with a huge majority owner (70%) was suffering. Its management had been neglected and the building had not been properly maintained. The aim here was to convince the clients of the architectural and heritage value of the property and to dissuade them from modifying and permanently disfiguring the building for purely commercial ends. The clients rightly concluded that it was more financially viable and wise for their image to restore the building rather than modify it to the clichéd style of today’s shopping centres.

Bringing in more light and unifying the signage were two essential aspects of the renovation. We designed a standard shop front and submitted it to the co-owners, which they would themselves ensure was implemented among the different shop owners. A light with a banner was positioned on the pillar separating the boutiques. The banner shows the shop’s logo. The neon lighting will be replaced with a row of TL fluorescent tubes, which are much more economical.