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The Waulx farm - Renovation of a farm complex

Anseremme - Dinant
Permis d'urbanisme / Adjudication
1900 m² + abords
Mission complète d'architecture et de rénovation
AAIA-Pierre Cloquette et Eric Smeesters / Jardins de traverse / Eng-Ir / BECP Concept / Camille Hugbart (illustrations)
Karbon' Photographie

In the Belgian Ardennes, near Dinant, you can find the Waulx farm on the heights of Anseremme. Anchored on a plateau between the Meuse and the Lesse, this centuries-old building is a courtyard farm, a typical morphology of Walloon rural heritage. On his land, the owner has expressed the wish to practice a more virtuous agriculture in favour of biodiversity.

This raised a question for us: in the face of the evolution of agriculture, what future can we offer our heritage?

The project is being considered on several levels. The first is programmatic, with a new agricultural narrative and a general coherence between the farm and its territory. The second is technical and patrimonial, with the need to carefully design each constructional detail.

The different uses envisaged are the result of a process of reflection around a programmatic and social mix. In this way, the site is given a new productive dynamic with workshops, a multi-purpose hall and housing around the storage and agricultural work areas.

This new life requires measured modifications to the original buildings. The different functions find their place in the existing building, with new materials that are thoughtful and sustainable through discreet implementation. In this way the place remains true to its history while becoming an interesting piece of contemporary rural land.

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