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Transformation of the old Monty cinema into a cultural hub

732 m2
TOF théatre

MONTY is an ambitious and fragile project. Supported jointly by the internationally renowned puppet company ‘TOF theatre’ and the local public authorities, its ambition is to resurrect an art-deco building falling into disrepair and transform it into a cultural and social hub. In the olden days, the residents of Genappe used to come here to be entertained by a film, and the Monty cinema was something to be proud of. By taking over this building, the TOF collective aims to breathe new life into it. The new installations will make room for a library, and a foyer for get-togethers and refreshments, but also for conferences and concerts. Finally, under the lighting batten of the new stage, both amateur and professional shows will be held before 150 spectators. Apart from the capacity of the room, the new prefabricated bleachers will create a new space to complement the foyer. The construction system using glued laminated wood has enabled the roofing to be replaced and the space to be extended with reduced completion times, whilst relieving and maintaining the weakened existing masonry. Embarking on this adventure by the hand of Alain Moreau, the director of TOF and former tightrope walker, the Karbon’ team had a balancing act on their hands in order to reconcile, with a tight budget and space, the technical constraints with a thirst for making living and breathing spaces.

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