330 SPY

298 BAU

268 CAR

178 STH

169 TUL

161 GEM

160 HDB

157 VRM

143 ZOE

142 PET

Loft conversion and renovation

85 000 €
Giulia Frigerio

This project aims to improve the habitability of the lofts and their accessibility. This entails increasing the existing space (4th floor) to allow for an office and rooms by extending the staircase.
On the street side, given the alignment and quality of the façade, it didn’t seem a good idea to reshape the Mansard roof. Construction works are thereby kept to a minimum and the new roof extends the Mansard roof in keeping with the slopes and aligning with the terraced houses.
In the interior of the building, the roof area develops in the traditional symmetrical double-pitched form to open the new space out onto a terrace on the roof of the first floor of the apartment. Added to this is a privacy screen on the west side, and a vegetable box on the east side slightly retracted from the façade to protect neighbours from being directly overlooked.

139 SEU

124 BLR

121 CAB

099 OTT

096 MAZ

074 COT

062 MDV

059 DEW

057 COL

037 VDN

035 LIL

033 GEM

000 CHSK