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Construction of a house and five cabins with very low energy use and bio-construction

en construction

This project pursues a dual objective among a varied public. First the construction of tree cabins, and second the rehabilitation of an old orchard and construction of a market garden at a domestic scale. Welcoming people into a green and cosy space that invites contemplation and socialisation; plus raising awareness as to the challenges inherent to the place of humans in the biotope.

Its potential, both from a symbolic and ideological point of view, balanced by the pragmatism and experience of its designs, make La Brindille a “realistic utopia”. The visionary dream that made it come to life, that of ways of living adapted both to human and environmental needs, make it an innovative project set to be the catalyst of many transformations. Finally, the design of the project, from the complementary angles of anthropology and construction, anchored both in the reality of life and construction constraints, transform utopia into reality.

“La Brindille” is a project on a human scale that deftly combines building, anthropology and a love of “natural” life, the incarnation of a will to live by a set of values and share them. Added to the ecological and human dimensions of the project is its economic appeal, both to us and to the region, by contributing to tourism in the village of Arbre, the municipality of Profondeville and its surrounding areas.

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