338 HEN

336 BED

329 PDL

298 BAU

268 CAR

178 STH

169 TUL

161 GEM

160 HDB

157 VRM

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142 PET

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121 CAB

099 OTT

096 MAZ

074 COT

Extension of a home in Uccle


This project entailed the extension of a single-family home by adding a room on the first floor at the back of the house and increasing the living spaces on the garden level.
These two modifications were integrated as a light construction in wood with the external cladding extended up to the cornice of the roof to also cover the second floor, thereby providing the rear façade with a new unified expression of materials.

The play on volumes on the rear façade fits in with that of the adjoining houses. To optimise the interior space of the new bedroom on the first floor, the plans took into account the daylight and the view over the neighbouring garden. The proposal was to retract further back than the permitted limits next to this property. This proved to be the optimal solution for perfect integration. This work to integrate with the existing properties coupled with a light construction system based on natural materials incorporating high-quality insulation and rainwater harvesting, will help improve the built environment in terms of sustainability.

062 MDV

059 DEW

057 COL

037 VDN

035 LIL

033 GEM

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