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Restoration of the Glass House (built in 1936 by architect P.A. MICHEL)

Bernard Baines
Christian Gilot
Hubert Lionnez
Sandrine Tonnoir
Justine Pierson
Bernard Baines - Laure Nicod

The predominance of glass surfaces in its façade has given this house in Rue Jules Lejeune its nickname. Considered one of the most significant examples of modernism in Belgium, the entire property was listed in 1998. Paul-Amaury Michel applied Le Corbusier’s five points: pilotis, free design of the ground plan, free design of the façade, the horizontal window, and roof gardens, but the unusual thing is that he did all of this in a property inserted in a row of terraced houses. Usually, modernist buildings are designed as isolated objects.
The Glass House underwent considerable renovation based on several key points: reopening the entrance porch, faithful restoration of the north façade using glass bricks, rehabilitation of the exterior frame and plastering, and finally an internal refit to meet modern comfort and technical needs.

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