338 HEN

336 BED

329 PDL

298 BAU

268 CAR

178 STH

169 TUL

161 GEM

160 HDB

157 VRM

Roof extension of a single-family home

123 500 €
82 m2
Giulia Frigerio

Flanked by two high buildings, this single-family home was born from the merger of two workers’ dwellings. Inside, a blended family lived in a narrow space and dreamed of spreading their wings. A roof extension would create a new living space and reach up to the neighbouring rooftops.

This extension is formed of wooden porticoes with an even layout. The structure gives rhythm to the façade and organises the space. On the roadside, a large multi-purpose space is dedicated to the children whereas on the back façade, a private space dedicated to the parents is created, including a bedroom, a bathroom and a wide terrace facing due south. A new set of stairs is added to connect the existing passageway with this new “wooden box”, flooding it with light.

The challenge in the construction of this renovation was in particular building the elevation without disturbing family life on the lower floors. Thanks to a rational use of materials and the use of healthy and natural raw materials, we were able to design generous spaces full of natural light, whilst remaining strictly within budget.

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142 PET

124 BLR

121 CAB

099 OTT

096 MAZ

074 COT

062 MDV

059 DEW

057 COL

037 VDN

035 LIL

033 GEM

000 CHSK