338 HEN

336 BED

329 PDL

298 BAU


268 CAR

178 STH

169 TUL

161 GEM

160 HDB

157 VRM

143 ZOE

124 BLR

121 CAB

099 OTT

096 MAZ

062 MDV

059 DEW

057 COL

037 VDN

035 LIL

033 GEM

000 CHSK

Single-family home

Bernard Baines
Hubert Lionnez
Jzh Ingénieurs

This project responded to the clients’ wish to have a home in which the staircase formed part of the living spaces, in the Mediterranean style. To meet these expectations, the design integrates the different levels of the terrain and creates the various spaces in the home, juxtaposed with interior perspectives with a spaciousness that compensates for the relative compactness of the floor area.
The various inclines of the roofing complete this idea, underlining the hierarchy of the different living spaces by varying the heights of their ceilings. The home is heated with a Masser heat pump system, and a rainwater cistern is used for toilet flushes.