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Transformation of a main building and barn in Gembes

Stabilité : MC-CARRE
Matthieu Delatte

This project responded to the clients’ need to transform a main building and adjoining spaces (barn, stables) to make them habitable. At the clients’ request, the transformation was conceived in several phases of works, part of which would be self-built.

This development project, conducted over several phases, encouraged us to contemplate radical changes, that would integrate into the existing landscape, but quickly modify the status and quality of the spaces, to make them habitable and allow the clients to continue part of the works at their own pace afterwards. The project revolved around creating several windows to open up different views to the surrounding landscape, and creating new connections with the back terraces. The windows were set into the façade in such a way as to preserve the regional style and emphasise the building’s monolithic appearance, whilst adapting it to modern lifestyles.

000 CHSK