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Transformation of a terraced single-family home

Christophe Lootvoet
Delphine Mathy

A dozen years ago, the client, Tom Parker, had bought the house in which the family had bit-by-bit found their place based on the configuration offered by the property. Faced with a growing family, his request was clear: To open up the maximum of the living spaces, between themselves and towards the garden, and reorganise the home to offer a level for the children on the first floor, and another level for the parents under the roof.

The addition of space towards the back of the property, abutting on the terraced property like a large dormer, enabled the creation of a full studio with a large mezzanine room benefiting from an expansive opening onto the magnificent interior. Isolated from the rest of the house, it is a genuinely private space, with two offices, a bathroom, and plenty of storage space. The space under the roof allowed for works only on the garden side without changing the size or the appearance of the house from the street side. The façade was given a makeover with new frames, improving the sound and heat insulation, whilst unifying the tone of the house.

The new space is designed as a new building with wood wool insulation, avoiding over-heating in the summer and creating a very cosy overcoat for the winter. The façade on the garden side was also insulated from the exterior, with specific attention to the continuity of insulated walls. Inside, new walls were built with unfired clay bricks and the connecting walls coated with clay to provide thermal stability and a natural regulation of the home’s humidity levels.

The client also made the most out of the works to renovate all the technical aspects which, along with the insulation and natural materials used, significantly improve the home’s comfort levels and energy performance.

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