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Two hempcrete homes in Ottignies - Project selected as an exemplary building in Wallonia


The general plan makes the most of the obligatory alignment from the street side, and a situation with numerous constructions in the interior of the set of buildings or set away from the street side. The two new properties are detached from the elongated main body of the building and annexe. One large house is positioned on the street side, between the existing barn and the boundary of the other house. Another smaller house is positioned at the back of the set of buildings, adjoining a neighbouring construction. The barn, which forms part of the current development is renovated and transformed into office space. It also houses a laundry room and a shared space (for bicycle parking and storage), as well as the shared boiler. This gives a feeling of low density by leaving an unobstructed view and outlook over the valley. It also allows for the introduction of a range of open areas which whilst limiting overlooked living spaces also offers shared spaces. Given the location, the project voluntarily aims to favour and enable life without a car.

From a technical standpoint, the wish to share in and exploit the opportunities provided by hempcrete, has led to the use of extremely simple solutions. This natural, breathing insulation is used through the whole depth of the walls, allowing us to play with the position of the frame in the window splays, all the while limiting thermal bridges. As a result, all the openings on the south-east and south-west faces are exposed on the inner face of the walls and on the north-east and north-west on the outer face of the walls. This allows the thickness of the walls to be used to create shade in the summer and makes the best use of the space to the north. This simplicity in the construction also carries through into the details of the two houses’ envelopes, arranged based on two cross-sections.

The project was selected as an exemplary building 2012 in Wallonia.

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