330 SPY


203 MOL

192 GOU

139 SEU

132 ESN

038 HOM

032 TOR

001 SCH

Block of 3 apartments with commercial space on the ground floor - Place Pavillon in Schaerbeek

Commune de Schaerbeek - Public
Technique spéciale et stabilité : JZH & Partners
Bernard Baines

Project 1.2 of the housing programme 2004-05 of the Policy on Large Towns and Cities - Works completed (2005 > 2010)

Located at the angle between the Navez and Van Oost roads, the building benefits from a privileged location facing the Place Pavillon in Schaerbeek. The white block of three apartments occupying the floors above the shop have a slightly offset cut against the lines of the terrain; this offsetting, topped by that of the roofing, causes a dynamic that slightly disturbs the isotropic forms characteristic of the piecemeal shapes inherited from the 19th century. It allows an escape from the constrictive terrain without standing out too much, and the creation of a diverse range of interior spaces, in keeping with the already logical layout.
This has allowed for more spacious accommodation than that required by the project without changing the price. Another aim was economising in materials to lighten the structure and avoid the construction of costly deep foundations.
This integration of qualitative use of space and structural logic is our way of seeing sustainable development: through architecture that invites following the logic of usage as the focal point of the project. Therefore, healthy materials, maximum insulation (K35), heat recovery ventilation, hot water solar panels and a green roof combine with maximum use of natural light, control of sunlight, and bicycle parking to promote soft mobility.