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Homborch garden city, rehabilitation of 12 single-family homes in Uccle

1276,8 m2
SUL (Société Uccloise du Logement) - Public
stabilité : MC-carré
Delphine Mathy

This project for the renovation and transformation of 12 homes in the garden city Homborch area, highlights the firm’s skillset in qualitative refitting of living spaces designed in the 1920s. This transformation goes beyond a simple adaptation to current needs in terms of energy economy and habitability.

Placing small heritage sites to the fore:
Although the area is not listed but simply part of our history, one of the project’s aims is to highlight the architectural elements characteristic of the local homes by using simple, yet current, techniques (for example mineral plaster tinted en masse and projected to recreate the original cement grain) and by working in synergy with the other projects in the area (coordinating exterior paint colours and façade works).

Reconfiguring the depth of the homes, placing emphasis on annexes, planning in advance for different usages:
The original homes were very small, with little lounges and almost inexistent bathrooms, so the use of the homes had to be reassessed. The creation of annexes with wooden frames, insulated and filled with natural light, has made way for open-concept lounges and kitchens, whilst bathrooms were relocated to the centre of the house. On the first floors, the configuration was maintained, with a room added on the ground floor. This different use of space minimises heating needs.

This reconfiguration uses the potential of the original structure to its best advantage, whilst optimising the use of annexes. This has also made for a reduction in building costs, whilst offering a comfortable interior space.

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