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Brussels abattoirs: Operational plan study

60 000 €
VGC, Abattoir SA, EHB



Operational plan study for the development of a local and metropolitan hub.

The design team composed of BRUT and KARBON’ was appointed to conduct this design study on behalf of the Flemish Community Commission in conjunction with the Erasmus University College Brussels (EhB) and Abattoir NV, headed up by Kristiaan Borret as representative of the management team of the Flemish Urban Renewal Fund.
Urban renewal project
For the design study, the VGC received a design subsidy from the Flemish government for professional guidance with the design of an urban renewal project. This subsidy is granted to urban renewal projects that set the bar high in terms of quality criteria. These are projects that couple a major and sustainable renovation of the buildings in the city, with community building initiatives facilitated by coproduction. A representative of the management team of the urban renewal fund is appointed to monitor the process and help steer it. Equally, an account manager for city projects from the City Policy team monitors the process.
Preliminary study
To prepare the design study, a preliminary study was conducted on behalf of the VGC in autumn 2013. The preliminary study, drawn up by the team formed of Cosmopolis + Buur + Idea Consult, contained relevant preparatory work which the design study builds on. This preliminary study already incorporated a lot of analytical work and taking meticulous inventories. We did not repeat this during the design study, which is why we provide a reference to the final version of the preliminary study.
The preliminary study also included proposals for ideas and design. A number of principles were formulated for the design study and a number of questions were asked for research purposes. A proposal for the perimeter of the design study was also detailed. The design study is based on the insights contained in the preliminary study but also provides a critique thereof.
The project’s area is located in the south of the canal area, in the neighbourhood of Kuregem, Anderlecht. This includes the EhB campus and the site of the abattoir.
Ambition for the study
Over the next few pages, we take a closer look at the goals of the main stakeholders as regards future developments within the project area and this design study.

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