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Competition for the renovation and extension of the Museum of Fine Arts Tournai

Musée des Beaux-Arts de Tournai
Atelier d’architecture Pierre Hebblinck - Pierre de Wit

The project focuses on the placement of a series of public spaces filtering through the centre, the boulevards and Rue Saint Martin.
It entails structuring routes and uses by way of a paving design that mixes concrete and plant sections within a coherent whole to make up a set of public spaces free from the passage of vehicles.
A variety of “urban rooms” with different natures and uses are placed within a large public garden.
Queen Astrid Square, partly pedestrianised, facilitates links between the park and the Grand Place. The smooth and continuous paving allows for multiple activities (such as fairs, markets, or flea markets). A line of water breaks up and underlines the geometry of the space, a reference to the age-old water lines along the second enclosure.
Bonduelle Avenue and Square: completely pedestrianised. The gravel pathways are narrowed to make room for flower beds, which amplify the feeling of walking through gardens, encouraging pause and contemplation.
The Cour d’Honneur: The design connects the existing water features within one central lawn, emphasising the geometry of the space and moving the circulation routes and parking during working hours to the outer zones. The space along the façade of the Town Hall is cleared to create a sightline to the porticoes.
The forecourt of the Museum: a uniform paving concept connects the façade of Horta, the new entrance of the Museum, and the cafeteria around a common space extending all the way to Rue St-Martin. Facing the Museum, the cafeteria lends ambiance to the forecourt and structure to the Cour d’Honneur.

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