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Contract for the Navez-Portaels neighbourhood

Géry Leloutre
Victor Brunfaut
Pauline Beugnies

The moment of developing an urban planning project is a privileged moment to find out about inhabitants’ needs, to interpret the urban structure, to learn along with the residents, workers and users of a neighbourhood, and to create consensus on a common vision of a neighbourhood and its future with local and regional authorities.
Planning for a contract in a Schaerbeek neighbourhood enabled use to push the participative process very far to create this shared vision. This process entailed drawing up a series of documents such as an urban analysis map, a social climate map, a model of the neighbourhood, and of course all the standard analytical reports.
Designing a strategic plan is all about making clear choices, taking responsibility for them, all the while making the best use of a limited investment budget. It is through this principle that participation comes to life. Talking honestly and clearly, and together building on specific social needs.