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Pilot project for 10 permanent homes

1. 150. 000 € HTVA
Fond du logement des Familles Nombreuses en Wallonie
AAIA - Eureka

Here, the accent is placed on the concept clusters for the addition of the different units that make up the site as a whole (tennis courts, communal workshops, existing homes, future clustered homes accessible to families with average incomes and 10 cohousing homes which form the object of the present competition). The master plan sets out common guidelines to enable each of the parties using the site to develop according to their own agenda and dynamics. To encourage community spirit and relations within the site, the master plan provides for a large communal social space in the heart of the site, open to all the residents of Esneux. This space forms part of a network of routes crossing the site, and in certain spots makes use of the evacuation passageways for the homes, to become in and of themselves aspects of the landscape. In fact, the site is designed as an inhabited park made for different uses. A landscaped parking area (planting, permeable soil etc.) controls invasion by cars by favouring shared usage at different times. This idea of intensifying usage is also proposed for the canteen of the Communal Workshops set up on the outskirts of the collective space. This is used by the communal staff at lunch times during the week but in the evenings and at weekends could serve the inhabitants of the site or the residents of Esneutes. The involvement of a local association could be envisaged. The way in which the site is managed will need to be specified with the municipality.

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