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298 BAU


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Low energy house - Straw/hempcrete

400. 000 € HTVA
180 m²
Mission complète d'architecture
AAIA - Pierre Cloquette
Sergen Anton & Matthieu Delatte

A Strand of Straw

In designing this house, the aim was to develop a technically simple, healthy and lively house using the same materials and techniques as the straw blade.
As architects, we are convinced that people need to be able to warm themselves by the fire. This elementary reflection leads to question the passive standard as a norm and to propose other ways leading to comfort, energy autonomy and "zero carbon" buildings.
The intention is therefore to approach the project from the point of view of technical and constructive simplicity, perceived comfort and to show that it is possible to achieve a very low overall primary energy requirement while designing a so-called low energy building.

For information, the annual heating requirement is estimated at 41 kWh/(m2a) supplied by a mass stove (carbon neutral) and the overall primary energy requirement is estimated at 54 kWh/(m2a).
The electricity consumption is compensated by the progressive purchase of shares in a cooperative producing electricity from wind and biomass.
Furthermore, the configuration of the land, with many walls against the ground and a well oriented slope, has made it possible to design a house using bio-climatic principles.
The house is therefore not passive but the final objectives are the same, i.e. to minimise primary energy consumption and aim for energy autonomy.
In terms of construction, each element of the project was chosen according to its technical and ecological qualities and its ability to guarantee a healthy indoor environment by its nature, its ability to regulate the rate of hygrothermia and its thermal capacity (inertia and damping of temperature differences).

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033 GEM

000 CHSK